The Earthsound Project News en-us Copyright 2017 JT Bullitt 2017-06-23T11:59:16+01:00 jt bullitt What's new Sleep improvement through silence I finally removed the brief audio chime between the program segments. The chime was originally introduced to help listeners synchronize their ears to the left edge of the spectrogram image. It turns out that most people did not find this audio cue helpful; even with the chime it can be maddeningly difficult to follow along with the spectrogram. Also, some listeners who occasionally enjoy dozing off to sleep while listening to the sounds of Earth perceived the chime as an unwelcome interruption. New stream added Introducing the near-real-time sounds from seismic station WRAB in Tennant Creek, Australia. Situated in a remote corner of the Outback, far from any coastal microseismic sources, WRAB is one of the quietest stations of the global IRIS/IDA network. In this audio stream, the two horizontal components of ground motion are panned to the left and right audio channels, creating a deliciously wide stereo image.