The Earthsound Project News en-us Copyright 2017 JT Bullitt 2017-10-17T03:55:34+01:00 jt bullitt What's new The atmosphere in stereo The audio stream from the University of Hawaii's infrasound array is now coming to you in stereo. The two infrasound sensors used for this audio stream are separated by about 35 meters -- about 175 times the typical distance between human ears (20cm). Welcome to the Indian Ocean We've added seismic station DGAR, from the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. (Pod 'eos' is now full. Preparations are underway for adding a new pod to the Planetary Sound Machine.) Infrasound from Hawaii We added infrasound station MENE1, from Volcano, Hawaii, courtesy of the University of Hawaii's Infrasound Network. Currently this is a mono audio stream; soon it will available in stereo. Just in time for Hurrican Harvey We added seismic station E1TX in Spring, Texas, just as hurricane Harvey was bearing down on the Texas coast. This station is part of the Seismographs in Schools program, and is operated by the Texas Educational Seismic Project (TXESP). Welcome, Antarctica You can now listen to the seismic sounds of Earth, from a seismometer at Casey Station in the Australian Antarctic Territory.