Earthsound Feeds

These are the delivery systems that transmit the planet's audified signals from various sensors to local, regional, global, and extraplanetary audiences.

Audio streams (an ongoing project)
ESK1A : seismic (1,800×) | Eskdalemuir, Scotland
FFC1A : seismic (1,800×) | Flin Flon, MB, Canada
HOPE1A : seismic (1,800×) | Hope Point, South Georgia Island
MBAR1A : seismic (1,800×) | Mbarara, Uganda
KDAK1A : seismic (1,800×) | Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA
NNA1A : seismic (1,800×) | Ñaña, Peru
WRAB1A : seismic (1,800×) | Tennant Creek, NT, Australia
WES1A : seismic (1,800×) | Weston, MA, USA
PHME1A : This stream is temporarily down
PHME2A : This stream is temporarily down
PHME2B : This stream is temporarily down
(more to come...)
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Earthsound Radio 92.5 FM, Pigeon Hill (2014 – present)
This is a micro-power FM broadcast station that serves the neighborhood of the Pigeon Hill Cemetery and Pigeon Hill Preserve. Broadcasts continuously the audio from the seismic stream PHME1A.
The Well of Knowing (2015)
A live environmental sound installation situated at an abandoned 160-foot-deep water well on the coast of Maine. A submerged hydrophone broadcasts the live seismic sounds of the Earth down into the well, while a pair of microphones capture the sounds rising from the well itself. Earth is thus both source and receiver of sound: it hears itself. The visitor standing at the well opening is invited to listen in to both the upwelling and downgoing streams of sound and to contemplate the possibility that the planet has achieved a kind of conscious self-awareness.